About Floyd

FloydI spend a lot of time on the internet, in a lot of different places, through a lot of different interfaces. Common to all these instances is a need to store important* information in the simplest way possible and have it be just as easily retrieved from anywhere else. Emailing things to myself is too complicated to do a dozen+ times a day. Google Docs' interface doesn't lend itself nicely to small environments. Saving a document on a server requires FTP apps to always be running.

Floyd is my own solution to that need. It is simply a box of text that saves to and restores from a server. Its interface is minimal, its usefulness ample.

It's like a piece of paper, except it's on the internet.

Registration for Floyd is currently free and service is ad-less. Donations are appreciated but in no way obligated.

* While your text data is protected by a login system with a hashed password, it is being stored uncompressed and unencrypted on a shared server. Please do not use Floyd to save your passwords or important financial information!

About Me

Tommy and the TommiesMy name is Tommy. I make things that be all, like, woah.

Blog: iamnotagoodartist.com
Twitter: twitter.com/rocktronica

Also, apparently, I'm not so good at writing autobiographies.

You can contact me via the contact page if you have any questions, suggestions, or thoughts about Floyd or any of my other projects.